Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something Of Your Very Own

Last night I was transported back to 1979, to my bedroom, living at home with my parents.

One year for my birthday I got a record player. It was a kind of portable lo-fi one. Certainly not a stereo.

I had a few records to play on it. One of the first that I ever bought, I played over and over. A 12" single, with an alternate French version of the song on it, and B side I also liked.

The band became a favourite, before new wave led to indie and The Smiths.

One of the bands whose music takes me back...

Living in my bedroom, and only just teenager, Blondie became a firm favourite. I never ever thought in my little teenage world in parochial home-town that I'd ever see them.

But tonight, almost 32 years later I was 3 people back from the front of stage listening to Atomic, Union City Blues, Dreaming, Sunday Girl, Heart of Glass and oh so many others. I loved it.

But here is an amazing thing. Debbie Harry is older than Xfe's mother and just a little more than 3 years younger than mine. My goodness!!!!

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SteveA said...

If you like 1979, Blondie and the 70's new wave era - you should see Super 8 - it's a great movie set in 1979 - and nostalgic of the classic Spielberg films like ET and Close Encounters - it has mucis from The Knack, The Cars and Blondie...


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