Friday, August 12, 2011

Le Weekend!!!

At last the weekend is here.

It's hard to describe this week. Work hell, London shame and pride...

However there was this great piece of news on the way home.

A model wept today as she was jailed for six months for looting an Argos store in the London riots.

Shonola Smith was caught when police stormed the building after youths smashed in the front of the shop during the disturbances in Croydon on Monday night.

The 22-year-old model, from South Norwood, was arrested at the scene in Church Street with her sister Alicia and their 22-year-old friend Donness Bissessar.

All three pleaded guilty at Croydon magistrates' court to entering the store with intent to steal.
The trio, who had no previous convictions, broke down in tears as they were led to the cells.

Their stunned families clutched each others' hands for comfort as District Judge Robert Hunter gave them all six-month sentences.

He said: "The tragedy is that you are all of previous good character, each of you well educated.

"You have jobs. You have got plans for future education. You have shown remorse and you have all pleaded guilty.

"However, I can't ignore the context in which these offences were committed. You have played your part in a wider act where devastation was caused to businesses and local residents.

"In my view, although I'm retaining jurisdiction, the matter is so serious that only a custodial sentence will suffice. That, I hope, will serve as a deterrent to others."

When Alicia Smith was arrested she was carrying 10 packs of chewing gum she had stolen from a nearby Kwik Stop convenience store on the same day. She admitted theft.

The Smith sisters and Bissessar were remanded in custody when they first appeared in court on Tuesday. Dressed in identical prison issue clothes, all looked downcast in the dock as they exchanged glances with their parents in the public gallery.

Their lawyer told the court: "I was taken by surprise. Talking to them and recently talking to their families, they come across as perfectly ordinary, reasonable, dare I say it civilised young women.

"Their parents have found it really very hard to fathom what's going on. They have accepted their guilt and there is no doubt that they are remorseful.

"They all work. If it all kicked off again tonight I don't for one second think you would find these ladies anywhere near."

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Mike said...

The great unknown - Why? What made so many people in s omany cities take pat in a great looting spree... we (whoever 'we' is) need to ensure we understand the causes of this behaviour, and how people of "previous good character" can get swept up in the madness.


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