Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Welcome To My Pop-Up

Xfe is gone away - for 8 weeks!!!


While I think I'm heading to the kitchen. Pop-up (according to my TimeOut) is all the rage.

Welcome to my pop-up! Instead of going out I'm going to offer for 6 guests only a pop-up dining experience. On 13 August (subject to 6 discerning consumers) I'm serving an exclusive dining experience.

Meat feast (you have to like meat). £30 per head, BYOB. Email me for a reservation.

1 comment:

quartum's neph said...

sounds wonderful and would love to meet you in the flesh, seeing that I've been silently lurking about your blog for quite a while...

although funnily enough I'm in the UK on the 13th for a family do (I live in Spain), it won't be in London or anywhere near so I'll be missing out on this opportunity!

Hope you have a blast!


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