Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Random Of Coincidence

This morning, after speaking to my Mum on the phone (while I was surfing elsewhere) I was looking at the ultra-rare Dr Who Character Building (Lego like) figures.

I started here, then went to the Merchandise Blog.

Last week, before my Manchester trip, we were at this super cheap store. The cheapest I have ever seen. We live near Wood Green and, oh my goodness, the shopping canyon that is here and then (when we lived in Islington). What I have learned is that those who can pay do.

Here, in N8, value is necessary and a total bonus. The quality and choice of food we have here cf the Islington delis is beyond belief. There, I'd pay £2.89 for a bag of gourmet crisps. Here I get them in the cheap shop (the name eludes me, but when Xfe wakes up he will know) for 99p. No joke. The same.

In this shop people buy in bulk. I hate it. It takes forever to get beyond the check-out. Because they have 33 bottles of conditioner and 39 bottles of shampoo. Which they sell on in their corner shops, I'm guessing.

Anyway. I digress. I was looking at these limited edition figures. The 11 Doctors set at £19.99. With 4 variants, each selling for between £200-£150. I was immediately there.

But, it seemed someone was there before me. All the packs had been reviewed. I checked and instead took 15 foil packs (@£1.99 each), and a plush Dalek for a Christmas gift to nephew or neice.

Back home, two packets in, I hit gold. First came the certificate. Then I took the pack to Xfe, saying which I wanted to be.

And it was.

£1.99 selling for £200. But I won't sell. No way.


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liminalD said...

Very cool... so, you don't know what's in each pack when you get it? We don't get the Character Building stuff over here - the few stores that buy in DW merch just get the most popular items (inevitably, Daleks). One day, I'm hoping someone puts the 11 Doctors set on Amazon for cheap (I know, it's not likely - it'll be snapped up by some rabid collector). Sigh. But I'm pleased for (and jealous of) you :)


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