Friday, October 28, 2011


Never enough time. Sky+ almost maxed. Watch or delete? Kidulthood. God. Do. I. Really. Want. To. Live. In London? These kids. Jokers, right. Who would. Seriously. Dangerously though. Fucking blood. Man. Innit.

Von Trier - he gets 7 mins with 1h56m remaining. Delete. With relief.

39% on the HD left.

How about a Threesome? I rather liked it last week. Then I'll delete. I know Xfe would like to watch it, but if I do I shan't want to see it again. And he has tons of TV to watch. Really, I promise.

Besides, next week the Becky/Russell Tovey bedsit sitcom starts again, and we rather liked that and we can't keep recording all these comedies and stuff to watch.

Innit, Blood.

I say, blood. Get back to your estate.

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