Friday, November 25, 2011

Scent Of Winter

Late November is my favourite time of year.

Short crisp days, a cold sun hanging low in a cloudless sky. A warm home, back turned to the black outside, and the anticipation of Christmas. Close enough to be real, but not yet close enough to be drawn beyond control into the festivities.

Although Christmas can be anticipated after Hallowe'en, bonfire night first needs to get out of the way.

But by the end of November it is a certainty, inevitable and there to be enjoyed.

This year we will be at home for Christmas. I haven't spent Christmas at home with Xfe ever. We take turn about to visit his parents and mine. A Christmas in France followed by a Christmas in Scotland.

This year (a Scotland Christmas at my parents) we are spending at home in London. Mum & Dad are coming to stay and so is my brother, his partner and their two children.

I'm not sure which part is the best part. being at home for Christmas. Being at home for Christmas with the children....

The best part, of course, is all of them.

And 32 years later I'm still listening to Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow


liminalD said...

Meanwhile in New Zealand, it's hot and sunny and just entering summer... my LEAST favourite time of year (I don't tan, I burn, quickly).

I hope you boys have a great Christmas at home for a change!


Mambam said...

You are joking arn't you?. It's bloody freezing, it's dark all the time, and all the men walk around with lots of cloths on.
Give me summer any day.
Tops off for the lads ;-)


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