Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Latest Addiction

Wine gums!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Mum

I think I came up with a great idea for a birthday present for my Mum.

She doesn't want for anything (apart from her health, really). So, I thought and thought and came up with something.... thoughtful. Her desert island disk from us...

I asked family to come up with a choice and an explanation.

And here is the playlist.

I really can't wait to give it to her! She will of course get the CD and a framed copy of the explanation.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sun Refused To Shine

This morning I cried.

I read "A letter to..." from the Family section in the Saturday Guardian that had been on our dining table for about 3 weeks.

My fear is the bereavement one of us will suffer at the loss of the other. My biggest fear is that I will have to leave my darling man behind.

I have taken bereavement badly before. The fear of leaving my darling man, Xfe, behind terrifies me. Less so, saying goodbye to him and letting him go. I could just survive that.

But leaving Xfe behind truly scares me. Unfair, no longer being able to look after him (of course he can look after himself, and financially he'd be secure and able to live well - but I would not be there caring for him).

If I knew I was dying I would only worry about who would look after mon C, and to love you.

Lust - vs- Love

Still continues to be a feature in life.

Did anyone actually see last weekend's Ch4 Banksy editorial night? Loved it. It all made sense, even more so when I found myself listening to Richard Hawley remembering that I had noted to buy his work before. It really suits me.

Happy birthday, Mum

I thought for my Mum's actual birthday [she will be 70] I might give her her very own desert island disk.

I thought I would ask closest family to suggest a song that they would want to give to my Mum, to take on a desert island, so she could know what she meant to us all/think of us.

Suggest a song (hopefully that I can find on iTunes), and write and send me maybe 2-3 lines/sentences or less to say why.

I thought:


Bro & I

Aunt M.

Aunt E.

Aunt T.






E& B

Would you do that for me? Choose a song, and if you could all write a couple of lines in your handwriting (then sign below) send it to me, no wider than A4 and I will stick them all on a card/in a frame and give from us all on her birthday.

BUT I do need it by next weekend….

SO, Bro & I will choose 2 little boys and probably write

Because, Mum, we will always remember that we are your two little boys.

You get the idea

Would you manage that? The song doesn't have to be about her - just for her. If nothing comes to mind, a song from the house when you were children, or even choose a song that Nana or Papa would have chosen for her….

It would be greatly appreciated

Friday, August 12, 2011

Le Weekend!!!

At last the weekend is here.

It's hard to describe this week. Work hell, London shame and pride...

However there was this great piece of news on the way home.

A model wept today as she was jailed for six months for looting an Argos store in the London riots.

Shonola Smith was caught when police stormed the building after youths smashed in the front of the shop during the disturbances in Croydon on Monday night.

The 22-year-old model, from South Norwood, was arrested at the scene in Church Street with her sister Alicia and their 22-year-old friend Donness Bissessar.

All three pleaded guilty at Croydon magistrates' court to entering the store with intent to steal.
The trio, who had no previous convictions, broke down in tears as they were led to the cells.

Their stunned families clutched each others' hands for comfort as District Judge Robert Hunter gave them all six-month sentences.

He said: "The tragedy is that you are all of previous good character, each of you well educated.

"You have jobs. You have got plans for future education. You have shown remorse and you have all pleaded guilty.

"However, I can't ignore the context in which these offences were committed. You have played your part in a wider act where devastation was caused to businesses and local residents.

"In my view, although I'm retaining jurisdiction, the matter is so serious that only a custodial sentence will suffice. That, I hope, will serve as a deterrent to others."

When Alicia Smith was arrested she was carrying 10 packs of chewing gum she had stolen from a nearby Kwik Stop convenience store on the same day. She admitted theft.

The Smith sisters and Bissessar were remanded in custody when they first appeared in court on Tuesday. Dressed in identical prison issue clothes, all looked downcast in the dock as they exchanged glances with their parents in the public gallery.

Their lawyer told the court: "I was taken by surprise. Talking to them and recently talking to their families, they come across as perfectly ordinary, reasonable, dare I say it civilised young women.

"Their parents have found it really very hard to fathom what's going on. They have accepted their guilt and there is no doubt that they are remorseful.

"They all work. If it all kicked off again tonight I don't for one second think you would find these ladies anywhere near."

Sunday, August 07, 2011


My pop-up is full.

Though I am considering having a 70's dining experience after next weekend's meat feast!!


Me, The Rudeness

No problem. We were very tardy to get the invites out! I will pass on your regards (after the surprise, of course).

Fortunately their health has been decent this summer, unlike the last couple of years. Mum has just had the very good news that, for the moment, her cancer is in remission. Perhaps we will have the chance to celebrate 75, with plenty of notice to all!

Because so many have asked about gifts for Mum and Dad, none are needed.

Though, after the cancer so soon after the amputations, I have asked people to consider donating to UK cancer research.



Have a lovely time and if you don't mind, I will read out your kind message from xxx at the celebration.

This has been an automated message.

On 7 Aug 2011, at 10:37, jxx xxtter wrote:

MiS,Thank you for the invite to your mum & dads surprise party,sorry we shall be unable to attend due to other commitments.
Please give our regards and we wish them all the best and have a great time with family and friends.
Mr& Mrs J xxtter

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Welcome To My Pop-Up

Xfe is gone away - for 8 weeks!!!


While I think I'm heading to the kitchen. Pop-up (according to my TimeOut) is all the rage.

Welcome to my pop-up! Instead of going out I'm going to offer for 6 guests only a pop-up dining experience. On 13 August (subject to 6 discerning consumers) I'm serving an exclusive dining experience.

Meat feast (you have to like meat). £30 per head, BYOB. Email me for a reservation.


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