Saturday, January 28, 2012

Les Beaux

Once again we have the beaux-parents visiting. Yesterday we took them to Cirque du Soleil (very few words, easy...). Not something that I myself would have chosen, but I have to admit, I was rather thrilled.

Besides, some of it was especially easy on the eye.

The Royal Albert Hall looked lovely inside. I think they rather liked it.

Today a trip to Spitalfields. They've only recently started Saturday trading - and today they have the Thursday antique market.


I'm constantly amazed when I look back at some of the "You might like also..." links postings. Where did it all come from? Since moving into the house I've blogged far less.

Is it because I am less interesting, less interested or blogging is less interesting? Something of each, perhaps.

But, I love looking back and using the blog as a diary. So, perhaps I will find myself coming back from time to time.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

"Microblogs" like twitter and Facebook have really eaten into the need for random blogging. I find most people are only posting these days when they truly have something to say, which is kind of refreshing!

Bill said...

Precisely, Miss GG - my almost 10 yr old blog now gets updated only occasionally (perhaps 5 or 10 posts a month) when before it was two or more a day. Apart from blogging being a bit old-hat now, Twitter is so much easier for random thoughts.

Anyway, I enjoy reading MiS when you update it :)


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