Tuesday, February 21, 2012

****, The World IS Stone

So, I interviewed 3 out of over 40 and very happily all of my 3 were offered jobs. What did I learn?
  • if you are good in your peer group, in a poor peer group, that will help
  • if you make a good impression and despite the strict criteria, if you leave the impression that you are worth having, then...you're worth having
  • even if you think you've ballsed up, fess up, be honest and if the interviewer doesn't ask, offer it up (although if you didn't realise then you might loose out if the interviewer doesn't bother).
What a joy it was to offer jobs. Our best candidate said they needed to consider other offers. The other two accepted immediately.

My most objectionable pick up on CV was:

" I am passionate about travel..." [emphasis added].

I pointed out that I loved my holidays and asked what the difference was. It was so very well answered!

As for myself....? Today was my appraisal. In advance I didn't sleep. I left my form until the last minute, and last of all my financial results. I couldn't bear looking at them. I don't think I am having a good year.

Result = "strong performer"; one of my "best years" - 93% chargeable target, 94% billing target. Just goes to show that the period you choose to capture information over can really make a difference. This financial year I'd suggest each is below 80%!

What a result. My perception -vs- their perception is totally different. But I know through my interview technique that if someone else speaks, shut up. And with lawyers, they love to speak! So I let their tongues do the talking.

BTW - the first post with the Air.


Ben said...

Offering people jobs is brilliant, I agree. Sounds like you enjoyed the whole process - potential career change there?

Well done on the appraisal, and good luck pushing the FY stats up this time around...

Paul Brownsey said...

"I pointed out that I loved my holidays and asked what the difference was. It was so very well answered!"

What was the answer? I loved your question and can't think of an answer that would do other than confirm the person to be a pretentious twat.

Paul Brownsey


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