Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mouth Of A Gift Horse

I have some of my LGBT colleagues and their partners coming for drinks and nibbles (steady...) tonight.

Having been super busy and overly stressed over the last 3 weeks I had no alternative but to shop for the wine on-line.

The delivery arrived over 3 hours late. Fortunately however that meant I was able to deal with "substitutions". I didn't want some crap wine in place of the decent selections I had made.

So, when it came the first thing I did was look at the substitutions. I struggled to understand. It looked like 1 bottle of prosecco had been substituted by 4 of cava. 4 bottles of red had been substituted by 12 of another....and so on. I kept some of the red wine substitutions, but sent back 12 of a particular sort.

When I unpacked I realised that indeed 1 bottle had been substituted by 4, 1 by 12 and so on. Then I saw that there was a same price substitution policy. So in effect I wasn't being charged for all the wine. My savings were £180. Of which I sent back about £80 of wine.

If I had realised it was free I probably would have kept it! Still I have about another 15 free bottle from other substitutions. Crazy....

On Thursday night I was a guest of Deloitte at the Stonewall Equality Dinner at the Dorchester, with the great and the good of the gay world. One of our hosts successfully bid £11,000 for dinner with Sir Ian Mckellen at his pub. Flippin' heck!

Later today I'm off to We-mber-ly as a guest of Saracens rugby club. If you've heard about them on the news lately that's just one of the things that's been keeping me busy lately.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Music Won't Remain Unheard

Love Never Dies Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD)

One last time, just as I swore.


Once more be whole.

My Saturday afternoon viewing. The Melbourne production makes so much more sense....

I feel a review coming on (if I can be arsed).

Which reminds me it was 2 years ago +1 week to the day that I came home to find Cecilia dead.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Beck And Call

"I didn’t really enjoy being a trainee until I reached my employment law seat.  That was good fun.  I had my own files and enjoyed the quality and variety of work.

I qualified into the department and got some great work – unfair dismissal, discrimination claims and some interesting corporate support work.
But something wasn’t quite right.  I was frustrated by being at the beck and call of clients every day, any time.  It didn’t matter how good you were, or how well you organised your day, there was still a risk that your evening or weekend was going to get sidelined by work.  It’s the usual story – the City work-life balance (or lack of it) wasn’t for me at that stage or time of my life."
I know what you mean...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Now Sprung

Today we did the first gardening of the year.

Out with a lot of old from my plot, in with the new. The plan is to keep it simpler this season...

It's still very bare, but we have to start somewhere - and there is plenty of promise...

Plenty of shoots and buds pushing up and growing through.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who Is Bad?

Sham on

(is that right?)

Delicious take away but again too much for two!

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