Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mouth Of A Gift Horse

I have some of my LGBT colleagues and their partners coming for drinks and nibbles (steady...) tonight.

Having been super busy and overly stressed over the last 3 weeks I had no alternative but to shop for the wine on-line.

The delivery arrived over 3 hours late. Fortunately however that meant I was able to deal with "substitutions". I didn't want some crap wine in place of the decent selections I had made.

So, when it came the first thing I did was look at the substitutions. I struggled to understand. It looked like 1 bottle of prosecco had been substituted by 4 of cava. 4 bottles of red had been substituted by 12 of another....and so on. I kept some of the red wine substitutions, but sent back 12 of a particular sort.

When I unpacked I realised that indeed 1 bottle had been substituted by 4, 1 by 12 and so on. Then I saw that there was a same price substitution policy. So in effect I wasn't being charged for all the wine. My savings were £180. Of which I sent back about £80 of wine.

If I had realised it was free I probably would have kept it! Still I have about another 15 free bottle from other substitutions. Crazy....

On Thursday night I was a guest of Deloitte at the Stonewall Equality Dinner at the Dorchester, with the great and the good of the gay world. One of our hosts successfully bid £11,000 for dinner with Sir Ian Mckellen at his pub. Flippin' heck!

Later today I'm off to We-mber-ly as a guest of Saracens rugby club. If you've heard about them on the news lately that's just one of the things that's been keeping me busy lately.

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