Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 - Olympics Opening Ceremony - NHS

Britain's NHS dream becomes a nightmare; Voldemort appears to summon a coven of witches who, bedecked in black, fly to his aid...

...but all is not lost and everything is not what it seems; in a practically perfect resolution, what appeared at first sight to be evil is not. Mary Poppins flies in to save the day! Genius.

These videos were taken at Wednesday's dress rehearsal. I didn't realise YouTube could cope with larger files which is why rather than film through I broke them up.

I thought watching on TV would be just as good, perhaps even better, but actually it wasn't. It didn't show the sheer scale of what was going on and missed various moments; first spotting the multiple Mary Poppins flying overhead was thrilling. They were glowing and we all thought they were witches flying in, only upon the point of landing when umbrellas popped open did it become apparent who they were!

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MadeInScotland said...

Christophe's Mum liked it:

Hello Scott, beautifull , beautifull, la cérémonie d'ouverture, j'ai adoré , le mélange de traditions et de la pop musique, superbe. David Beckam sur son bateau , le reine magnifique, Daniel Craig, mister Bean. Scott tu peux être fier de ton pays . J'ai pleuré de voir tout ca en pensant à vous, c'est magnifique, vous êtes un beau pays avec votre fierté, votre élégance, vos traditions. Je suis très contente que Chris fasse parti de ce pays que j'adore. Merci Londres et l'angleterre pour nous avoir donné ce beau spectacle. J'ai enregistré tout le spectacle pour le garder. J'espère que Chris a pu le voir de Taiwan. Je t'embrasse Scott et soit très fier de ton pays, j'ai pensé très fort à toi . Françoise et Pierre

Miss Ginger Grant said...

On American television is really lacked color- it could just as well have been filmed in black and white. I did like the thumpy music throughout... and I loved the Queens entrance and the flame boating down the Thames...


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