Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Night Of The Ponds

The Angels Take Manhattan

Time was (with the Doctor/Donna), we had a weepy episode almost every week.

I don't think there's been such heart tugging since The Girl Who Waited. However, I think all that is going to change tonight...

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Doctor Who - Coming Home

The scheduling of Doctor Who across the TV year has always varied.

For me it is essentially Autumn/Winter viewing. That's how I remember it as a child, watching at home, warm indoors, on a dark, dank and seasonal autumn or winter night.

Tonight's series 7's opener Asylum of the DALEKS is bringing it home.

On or around the equivalent day in years gone by, the following stories have been broadcast:

2 September 1967:  The Tomb of the Cybermen

Too young to remember.

31 August 1968:   The Dominators

Too young to remember. In fact, it's not until 1972 and the then season opener for series 9, Day of the Daleks (1-22 January 1972) that I first remember Doctor Who, Jo Grant, and in this story the concept of predestination paradox, which aged 4 years and 11 months I got.

30 August 1975:   Terror of the Zygons

I remember it very well. Tartan and Loch Ness and Shughie McFee from Crossroads. With possibly some of the best, most authentic monster costume design I'd seen so far.

4 September 1976:   The Masque of Mandragora

I found it slightly boring and of course was watching with trepidation because I knew that it was Sarah-Jane's penultimate story.

3 September 1977:   Horror of Fang Rock

Atmospheric and creepy. 

2 September 1978:   The Ribos Operation

Hello Romana.

1 September 1979:   Destiny of the Daleks     

Hello Romana 2 - who could forget her regeneration scene? And Davros is back, with Suzanne Danielle and other men in tight white suits.

 30 August 1980:   The Leisure Hive

Brighton beach and a dramatic new feel. Beware the tachyon recreation generator. And an ominous dread at the beginning of the end for Tom Baker.

6 September 1986:   The Mysterious Planet

After an 18-month enforced break, here was Doctor Who with amazing special effects (well, for one shot at least), and a damp, mellow edge to Colin Baker and Peri.

7 September 1987:   Time and the Rani

OMG. McCock in a wig, a pitiful regeneration and Kate O'Mara as Bonnie Langford. Were they really trying to kill off Dr Who? I really believed so - the worst I'd seen.

6 September 1989:    Battlefield

I was in America, and I really didn't care that I'd missed this story, even though it was bringing back Unit (and the Brigadier?)

3 September 2011:   "Night Terrors"   

We were out doing something, but I'd recorded it and watched it many weeks after. 


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