Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still Falling

I'm not back. I mean, not as a dedicated blogger.

But I like to diary my thoughts still. All these personal references - always for me - but delighted if the obscurity filtered out.

After all, who else has ever enjoyed a skinnythick shake? Even if they do put horse meat in their burgers...

Last night (past 2) I had the clearest of dreams that, when freshly woken, I noted should be relayed to mon C.

Then I forgot, when I woke up again. All I remembered was that I woke up with clarity that I must relay the technicolor dream to Xfe.

Last night I dreamt
That somebody loved me
No hope, no harm
Just another false alarm

Last night I felt

Real arms around me
No hope, no harm
Just another false alarm
So, while it is still fresh - it's I think my first reporting of another dream theme. The Aberdeen London dichotomy (just search it I'm very confident the posts are there) rarely appears these days. I love our house here.I love my flat here. But, still, from time to time...

So the dream and it's sometime source/s?

I have a lover. But it is not Xfe. Sometimes it is before he that is mon C - Simon or Ben. In those dreams I wake up in happy history then realise I'm confused. I'm sad because I know that I'm not with he or he.

But as the clarity of consciousness  lifts the dream fug I wrap the duvet around me, safe in the comfort of knowing - and then working out who - I have someone after them.

Last night I felt South America. A man. A masculine man. Hairy below and down, though only lightly hairy above.

He pleasured me physically in all the ways I enjoy.

He was dark, tanned, not trimmed.

I woke up and felt he was mine. Just for that instant.

Then I worked out I didn't know him, I was with Xfe.

This morning I realised I'd been reading about the Chicken Fried Kentucky that is Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, commonly (emphasis added) known as Cristina Kirchner or CFK, is the 55th and current President of Argentina and the widow of former President Néstor Kirchner. Wikipedia.

Hmm. Common. She might think she wants war, but really she wants plastic surgery. 

So, no Gaucho on his way from BA or Rio for me.

Well, not until tonight's dream mash....

ps - mon C is currently in China, not here in my arms 

pps - why else would I be bloggoing these thoughts?

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