Thursday, February 07, 2013

Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure To The End

I bought my first Doctor Who novel when I was in primary 6, or primary 7. That would be around 1976 or 1977. Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters.

I think that I had already decided that Doctor Who was my favourite TV programme.  Someone once came to the door and asked me as a very young child. That's what I said and I was loyal thereafter (except when Sylvester McCock was the Doctor - I hated the show then; because of him and Ace).

Over the years I bought all the Target novelisations.

I knew I had pretty much all of them, but I suspected there might be one or two missing. Last weekend, for the first time ever, I checked what I had against what had been published.

I was missing 3. All McCock, when I had given up.

Being the 50th anniversary year I decided to make it complete and purchased the last 3 on Amazon.

Battlefield and Ghost Light arrived earlier this week.

Today this one arrived.

Now, some 37 years later, I am complete.

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