Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Cold War

Doctor Who The Cold War

Well, it has:
  1. David Warner as the first Doctor.
  2. Clara is Susan.
So, have we seen, or will we see the odd past Doctor in the current episodes?

Oh, and very much of its time - a tribute to Margaret Thatcher. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

The Death Of A Great Dame - The Lady's NOT For Turning

Baroness Thatcher - our greatest Prime Minister, who put the "Great" back into Britain - died peacefully earlier today.

Without knowing it she changed my life. We lived in a council house. My parents were able to buy it and become home-owners, something they never thought they could do. They became share-owners too. She gave them opportunities they could realise - for themselves and for their sons.

It is with regret I never got the chance to meet her. Had I met Margaret Thatcher I would stand and applaud her. And thank her.

Personal highlights

"We have become a grandmother" was Margaret Thatcher's statement to the press in 1989, on the birth of her first grandchild.

The use of the 'royal we' (the 'pluralis majestatis' or 'majestic plural') had previously been restricted to royalty. Its use by a mere prime minister and Thatcher's imperious personal manner were the source of considerable disdain at the time. "We are not amused".

The clowning of Neil Kinnock - "that man" was as unelectable as Michael Foot.

The reform of the labour party. You thought New Labour was a Blair thing?

Crushing the NUM.

Putting the Great back into Britain. 


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